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Mastitis Culture

Mastitis is something that has been around for as long as people have been milking cows.  Simply put it is an infection in the udder of the cow.  Thankfully through good milking protocol, keeping cows clean, good nutrition and a … Continue reading

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Greening up!

I should have taken these pictures a week ago, the difference would have been much more dramatic. The first picture is of winter wheat.  It was planted last fall, and i always one of the first things to green up … Continue reading

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Crop Scouting Tool

Wonder if I can write it off my taxes?  🙂

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Couple Pictures from Today

I can honestly say that I can’t pick out very many of our cows by sight without seeing their ear tag.  Not so with 1950!  If a group of cows is in the head locks and you look down their … Continue reading

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Feeding the Cows

Feeding the cows is nearly a full time job! The feeder’s day starts at about 2:30 am.  The feeder does double duty getting the cows up and cleaning the pens for the morning milking, which starts about 2:45am.  It takes … Continue reading

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Calves Continued.

I took some pictures today to show what we do with calves after they come out of the warmer pictured in the last post. First they go into a large hutch with a heat lamp inside the maternity barn. We … Continue reading

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We have cows calving year round.  I suppose we average nearly a calf a day.  During colder weather we place the calves inside a warmer.  It blows warm air on the calf to dry it as quickly as possible.  This … Continue reading

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