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I have had the idea for this blog floating around in my head for a while.  Last year was a big year for me.  My wife Becky and I got married, bought a house (and remodeled it) and quit our jobs to move back to my family’s farm!  All in about a 2 month stretch!

The idea for this blog came about when we started telling people about us going back to the farm.  We lived in Madison, WI so I assumed that people who lived in Wisconsin knew dairy-farming pretty well.  I was wrong.  People seem to think that dairy-farming is a little red barn and mom and pop getting up at 5am to milk the cows everyday!  On our farm, we milk 330 cows, raise all of our young stock, and farm 1200 acres.  People just couldn’t understand how mom and dad could do all that!

Of course, people who know a little bit about dairy-farming know that it isn’t just mom and dad and the kids.  We have 12 employees (counting my parents and me) and several consultants.  When people hear stuff like that, they start thinking we are one of those “factory farms” you know those evil farms that don’t care for their animals.  No one seems to know what a “factory farm” is, they just know they are bad.

So I have learned that many people (even in the great dairy state of Wisconsin) really don’t understand that much about the day-to-day operations of a modern dairy farm.  I noticed when i posted pictures of farm stuff on facebook, lots of people commented on those pictures.  I thought I would start this blog to share a little bit more about what my family does.  I am going to try to post pictures and explanations of what we are doing when ever possible.  I also would love to show people around the farm.  If you are interested in seeing the farm, shoot me an email and we can arrange a tour.


About Will

Dairy Farmer
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2 Responses to About this Blog

  1. Amie says:

    You are correct that for being a dairy state so many people do not understand farming and what it takes to be successful. Thank you for taking the time to make this available for all of us!

  2. Anita B says:

    Hey there Will- really neat to see this! I’m going to enjoy reading it… later! It’s late, we just got in and it’s time for bed. But this looks neat!
    oh- and your farm sounds just exactly like my Dad’s ‘mom and pop little red (ok white) barn operation’- heh heh. giggle. only times 3 and add the employees and the crops… (I was just kidding- don’t you just love it?) I loved growing up on a dairy farm and am very sorry that more kids can’t grow up like we did. It was a great life for kids. Truly.

    Did not know you and B were back on the farm…or forgot if I’d heard. All the best! I’m sure your dad’s glad to have you on board!

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