Our seed for the year has started showing up:

The black totes are soybean seeds.  Each tote is 2,000 pounds.  (Equal to 40 bags.)  The bags on the pallet are seed corn.  We don’t get our corn in totes, as we plant to many different varieties to make it handy to have 40 bag totes.  Plus soybeans are planted at a much higher population (seeds per acre) than corn is, so having the big totes of soybeans just works better for us then for corn.

I am guessing we are going to have a late spring, last year we were planting corn on April 15th!  Since we aren’t even CLOSE to putting a tractor wheel in a field up here, I don’t think we are going to make that this year.  🙂

We are giving everything a good once over to make sure it is ready to go when the time is right:

“Pushy,” one of our main tillage tractors, had a problem with the 4-wheel drive not working all the time.


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