I am to lazy to write too much right now, so here is a couple of pictures from the past week or so:

A bald eagle landed in the pre-fresh pasture when I was working with some calves.  Hard to tell in this cell phone picture, but I am only about 30 feet away from him.  He looked at me for a second before taking off again.  Probably looking for some cow cleanings.

We had a premature calf.  2479 is actually almost a week old in this picture, while 2481 is about 1 day old, and still quite a bit bigger!  2479 is quite vigorous and doing well though!

Del welding in the parlor.  A support that holds the brisket bar broke.

The view from my mirror as a dump another load of haylage in the bunker.  We started 2nd crop hay yesterday…guess i need to finish part 2 of making hay!

Becky and I were able to sneak away last weekend and enjoyed a much-needed 4 days off relaxing in Wisconsin Dells, but back to the grindstone on Wednesday.


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1 Response to Pictures

  1. Todd says:

    Great pictures as usual Will! And the Eagle is clearly visible, very cool!

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