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Crops and Education

A few pictures from crop scouting the last couple days: Beans, flowering on top, setting pods on the bottom. Wheat, still a couple of points to wet to harvest . Our multi-year alfalfa plot.  The small strips cut out of … Continue reading

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Making Hay Part 2

Part 1 Now that we have been done with 2nd crop for better than a week, I guess I should finish up my post about making first crop hay! Once the hay has dried down to the proper moisture, we … Continue reading

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We Need Rain!

Not all that long ago it seemed like we were under water.  Now we need rain!  Corn rolls it’s leaves up to conserve water when stressed from not having enough moisture.  We have a decent chance of getting some this … Continue reading

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Things Only My Dad Would Do

New category: Things only my dad would do. Drive a  skid steer with a bale on the roof. Buy a brand new truck, but be too cheap to buy a new brush guard that fits the truck.  And when the … Continue reading

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