Smartphone Apps

Smartphones aren’t just for playing dumb games, I actually use mine for a few useful things!  Here is my list of favorite useful apps for my Android phone:

Weather Channel-Pretty obvious there, check forecasts and radar from anywhere.

Mag flashlight-Lights up the flash on the camera to use as a surprisingly bright flashlight.

Jorte- Links up with my Google calendar, but it easier to see your schedule at a glance.  Since it links with google calendar, I can add tasks easily from a computer or on my phone.  Also other people can paste things onto your calendar, or you can grab tasks from someone else so that you don’t have to put all the information in yourself if someone else all ready has the task entered on their calender.

PDANet- I can’t get DSL or Cable internet, satellite is expensive and I have heard mixed reviews.  This allows my to tether my phone to my laptop and use the 3G signal on my computer.  Surprisingly quick internet.

pFinance- This is the only App I have found that gives all the available months of commodity prices for Class III Milk, Corn, Soybeans, and Crude oil.  (It offers many more commodity and stock prices but those are the main ones that I try to follow.)

Realcalc- Scientific calculator.

Lookout Mobile- Provides virus protection.  Also, if you ever lose your phone you can go online and it will show you a map of where it is (providing the battery isn’t dead) and will even sound an alarm on the phone to help you find it.  I haven’t had to use this feature, yet!  Nice to know that I should be able to find the phone should I drop it somewhere though!

Distance and Area measurement-Uses the GPS on the phone to measure the distance between points, and can calculate area in acres.

My Tracks- I use this to record riding trails.  Your path can be uploaded to Google maps and saved as personal maps which can be shared with friends.

Of course I also use the camera a lot.  Most of the pictures on this blog are off of my phone.  I also use the one touch calling widgets, Notes, Email, Navigation and Maps as well, but those aren’t really apps.

I am looking for an app that will allow me to view and edit Shapefiles (.shp) with GPS referencing.  This would allow me to put yield maps and other feature maps that I generate in cropping software on my phone.  Then I could just take my phone to the field to investigate particular parts of the field.  Say I want to know why a certain region in the middle of a field is under performing, I could put the yield map on the phone, use the GPS to get to that area, and then make notes about what I found on the shapefile and then transfer the file back to my computer.  I could also tag large rocks or other things from the seat of the tractor, and be able to return to them later.  I know there is one (GIS Roam) for iPhone, but not one for Android so if someone knows of one please let me know!

If anyone has any other useful apps let me know.  Also, Becky picks on me because I once spouted off about how all that I need a phone to do was call, txt, and save phone numbers, and now I am addicted to having a smart phone!

Added: Craigslist Notifier- Automatically searches craigslist for you!  Just type in what you are looking for, select which regions you want it to search, and it will notify you anytime someone posts something that matches your search.  It is hard on your battery if you have multiple searches and a lot of regions selected.

Added: Dairy Market Central- All dairy related markets in one handy spot, plus farm related news and weather, all in a neat package.


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8 Responses to Smartphone Apps

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  2. Nicolas says:

    Hi, do you knwo of any specific dairy farming application / software / note taking pad or something for body weight / body condition score / feeding. Do you know anything related to that? Any good example? I was thinking if there was a application for Ipad where you could enter BCS of cows and it shows you previous BCS and then a graph of averages, don’t know!

    • Will says:

      There is an app called “Beef Cow BCS” that does some of that. Not sure if it will graph them for you, but it allows you to take pictures, score them and take notes. I do not know of anything else, nor have i used the Beef Cow BCS app to know how useful it is.


  3. Nicolas says:

    Thanks will!! I had found that one before. It is good!! Any other app from the feeding – nutrition side of dairy farming? Or even calf – heifer rearing?

    • Will says:

      I don’t know of any, sorry! We use DC-305 for all of our herd management information from calf through cow and unfortunately they don’t have an app. I would think that they would be working on one soon, but who knows.

      I don’t know of any on the nutrition side either. We work with a feed mill that provides us with a nutritionist who handles testing our feed and making ration changes, so i have never really looked for one.

      Let me know if you ever find one though! What apps do you use right now that you find useful around the farm?


  4. Hey Will,

    I’ve been looking to compile a list of dairy-related apps and stumbled across your blog, I realize this is an old one. We worked with another company to create Dairy Market Central. You should be able to find it on both Android and Apple devices. Here’s the info:

    We also have one coming out for World Dairy Expo. You may be able to find it already.


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