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Tractor Ride!

Sophie enjoying a nice little tractor ride.  She loves tagging along we me when ever she can.  However it usually doesn’t get to, just doesn’t usually work to have her around the farm.  However, she got to come along when … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  And don’t forget, thanks in part to the American Farmer, our food supply is safer and more plentiful then it has ever been, all while using less resources!

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Busy Beavers, Young Eagle

We have a beaver dam in our woods/swamp.  Unfortunately they are flooding parts of two fields so we are trapping them, and then we will put a hole in their damn so that it drains out. It is pretty impressive.  … Continue reading

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White Nose

I have a funny looking white nose that makes me stand out in the herd:

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Combining Soybeans

I have been a little slack posting lately!  We are done with fall harvest, so I finally have time to post!  Has been a busy past month or so and I am just glad to be done and get a … Continue reading

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