Combining Soybeans

I have been a little slack posting lately!  We are done with fall harvest, so I finally have time to post!  Has been a busy past month or so and I am just glad to be done and get a couple hours off!  We are still doing a little tillage, but should be wrapping that up in the next couple days.  I’ll post up a couple of pictures of us combining soybeans, and save the corn pictures for another post.

Filling the grain cart on the fly:

Grain entering the grain tank:

We run a GPS based yield monitor, here are a couple of screen shots that show the information available in the field.  Maps are then downloaded to a computer for review.  Very useful for gathering information about particular areas of the field, hybrids, and various other things.  Essentially turns the entire farm into a test plot.

And a sunset over our farm, and the bluff:


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