Random Find

Most who know me know I am a motorcycle buff.  So I was a little surprised by this find I made today.  Talk about finding things in really random places! We get calf milk replacer from this little mom and pop place that custom makes milk replacer in an old cheese factory by Neillsville WI. I was early to pick up our order today, so instead of just backing up to the dock and getting loaded like normal they told me I could wander around a check the place out to see how they made the milk replacer. That really wasn’t that interesting. But what WAS interesting was a very large room full of Suzuki motorcycle parts! Along with 7-10 bikes in various states of disassemble . Brand new in the box seats, tanks, exhausts, some motor parts, and tons of frames. All kinds of stuff!

Turns out the brother of the owner bought out all the inventory of a dealership in Canada several years ago and has just been storing the stuff there as he slowly sells it. Doesn’t sound like the selling has been going that fast. If anyone is interested in something I should be able to get a number for you.  However, don’t ask me what he has, I have no idea.

Besides what was in this room there was still a few pallets in another room!


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