Combining Corn

After we finish soybeans we roll right into combining corn.  In the field it is pretty hard to tell the difference between High Moisture Corn and dry corn.  So here are a few scenes from combining corn, some from high moisture, some from dry.

We use the same combine, with a 6 row Geringhoff chopping head.  This head chops up the stalk as it pulls the ear off the stalk, as opposed to a conventional head which just breaks the ear off and leaves the stalk.  This helps the residue decompose faster without us having to make a separate pass through the field with a stalk chopper.

In cab views:

Corn entering the grain tank on the combine:

Ag Leader yield monitor:

Dumping into the grain cart:

Cart is full!

Emptying the cart into trucks:

Sunset during harvest:

Combining into the night:

Emptying the grain cart into a semi after dark:

Switching out trucks, leaving an empty one and taking the full one:

Emptying one of the semi’s:

Waiting in line at the local elevator.  This is why we have our own dryer and bins!  We combined some corn for a neighbor and had to haul it to town:

I love the fall harvest, but I am also relieved to be done!  Many long long days were put in by everyone so it is always nice to be done!  All told we combined a little over 500 acres for our selves, and another 200ish for a couple our people.

I still have some videos from combining corn that I need to post as well!  🙂


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