Ice Riding

What do motorcycle riders in Wisconsin do during the winter? Stud up tires and ride on the lakes!

Little bike are almost more fun, Here I was trying to drag the handle bar with out crashing on my buddies XR-100, I couldn’t quite do it, but I didn’t fall down either! By the time the handle bar touches the rear tire is levered off the ice so you have to stand it back up to keep from crashing.

We made an oval track, and a 1.3 mile long road style course.

Here I am on my bike, it is a bit heavy and in someways not as much fun as the smaller bikes the other guys had.  Particularly on a really tight course.  On the straighter sections it did better, but a lot more bike to muscle around the corners!

Wheelie time!  To bad I am terrible at wheelies:  :p

Ice riding is a TON of fun.  The grip that a good set of ice tires gives you is pretty incredible.  And you can slid your bike really controllably and feel almost as good as your motorcycle racing hero’s!  It tires you out very quickly and leaves you very sore.  I also crashed a few times so that doesn’t help, still feeling it two days later!  🙂

Ray trying to drag a knee road racer style:


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2 Responses to Ice Riding

  1. This is really some cool stuff! I want to try!!!!

    • Will says:

      Yeah, ice riding is a blast. In someways it actually may be my favorite type of riding. Plus having tossed a bike down on pavement, dirt and ice…ice is by far the least painful! 🙂

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