Winter Shop Projects

The ol’ man wanted a couple tractors restored while he was in Texas.  Many hours of work later, this is what we got:

Oliver 1755, was bought it pieces.  Motor completely rebuilt:


and Dave:

did all the work to make these tractors look new again.  The 1755 was bought in pieces and had the motor completely rebuilt.  The narrow front 880 with duals also had the motor rebuilt.

Just a few of the Olivers in my dad’s collection.  He also has a Super 88, 550, 660, 770, and an 1850!  He likes green tractors, just not the green that most people know.  🙂

Dave and I also made a road trip to pick up a tub grinder, found a great deal on one down in west central Ill.

On a sad note, I helped my sister and her family pack up to move west.  My no good Brother-in-law took a job in Wyoming.  Hopefully they can get settled in soon so we can come visit!
Good-Bye Helen, Shaun, Nolan, Hannah, and Elliot!

Nolan was pretty excited to get to ride in the big truck.  Can’t see him in this picture, but he was strapped in ready to go long before they left the driveway!


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4 Responses to Winter Shop Projects

  1. Sarah says:

    The hay grinder looks fun!

  2. Shaun says:

    I thought Marvin had a 660 deisal that was supposed to get put back together?

    • Will says:

      He does, I mentioned it. That is probably next years project. That will be a much more complete restoration, every part stripped down….that is his baby! He wants to get all of the 3 digit olivers…still needs a 440 (super rare) and a 990 (not common) he at least got the 660 which is rare. :p

  3. Anita B says:

    Yeah, I was sorry to see your sis and family leave, too. Hope it’s going well for them!

    My dad would love those Olivers! I should show him the pix!

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