Another Video of NH3 Application

Another video I made explaining the technology running our NH3 tool bar.



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4 Responses to Another Video of NH3 Application

  1. Todd says:

    You can call it what you want but I call it liquid shit and it stinks!

    • Will says:

      Errm, it may stink (burns is more like it), but NH3 or Anyhydrous isn’t really liquid (well, it is in the tank, but turns to a gas) nor is it “shit.” If you need samples to understand this, i can supply. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Will it make the grass in my yard grow? Or kill all the weeds but not the grass?

      • Will says:

        It is nitrogen. Does your grass need more nitrogen? (the answer is no) Are weeds killed by nitrogen? (Once again, no) So mainly you would just be plowing ruts into your yard. But if you had some sweet corn in your garden it would help that. Wheat also need nitrogen.

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