Well, it has been a lot of hours in the cab the last couple weeks, but we are done with the spring field work. Corn, beans, and alfalfa are planted, and first crop hay is done! Now I need some sleep. 🙂


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2 Responses to Tired

  1. Anita B says:

    Yay! Glad the crops are in!
    Here in Indiana, they’re worried about rain. Everything’s in but it’s DRY!

  2. Blue Zipper says:

    This is When I moved away from my sweet little apartment that I Really wanted to stay at, in Lawrence, Kansas, but oh hell, That’s OK, because Jack Asses like the Robles, They Always Seem To Get Their Way As Bad Neighbors, Don’t They Though? At Least The Robles Have A Place There To Live In Still, There In Lawrence, Kansas, Last I Heard, From Some friend Of Mine, That I Think Still Lives There In The Same Apartments In Lawrence, Kansas, That I Used To Live In, Until About summer of 2012 or whatever, And Where The Trouble Making Robles Still Live At Now Too! At Least The Trouble Making Robles, Have A Warm Place To Live At Right Now, There In Lawrence, Kansas, Because Honestly: Today Is Not A Good Day, To Be Homeless, Even In Lawrence, Kansas! It’s Cold There, And The Trouble Making Robles Would Be Screwed, If They Were Homeless In Lawrence, Kansas, Today, Because From The Weather Reports Today, It Is Ass Cold, In Lawrence, Kansas! Have Yourselves A Blessed Day, Amen!

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