Major Changes!

Well this has been in the works since I came back to the farm, but my older brother Theo is going to be joining me in this adventure! The plan is that he will be handling the dairy side of the operation and I will handle the cropping side. Many of my readers may have noticed that I tend to post more about the crop side of the business as this is the side that I enjoy more then the dairy side.

It will be very nice to have someone else handling a major part of the business. As opposed to only having one person over the entire operation and not being able to focus on either side, we will both be able to focus on making each part as efficient as possible. Hopefully allows for a little better work/family balance as well.

Theo is also going to start posting here as well, so watch for that. They just got moved up here this weekend and will be starting work on the farm in the next week or so.


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2 Responses to Major Changes!

  1. Auntie Karen says:

    Good luck to all of you at the ranch!!!

  2. Anita B says:

    It is pretty neat that Theo and Sarah are there now, too! Yay! Great place for the kiddos!!

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