A brief introduction

It has been requested by the originator of this blog that I write a brief introduction of myself, so I will give that a whirl here.  

My name is Theo, I am Will’s older brother by about 5 years, (4 years 362 days to be exact) and I am married to Sarah.  We have two absolutely awesome kids that we feel very fortunate to have as part of our family, Zoie, 2.5 going on 16, and Owen, 10 months.  (At this point I would insert a photo but I am currently 3 days into my Windows to Apple switch and I haven’t figured out the nuances of the system yet!!)

I have too many interests that take up the little spare time that I have, canoeing/kayaking, woodworking, fishing, golfing, and puttering around in the yard, so I am never bored!!

Monday is my first official day back, we have been here for about a week getting settled into our new temporary digs, wrapping up the sale of our house near Madison and generally getting the kids adjusted to our new life.  I am super excited to be coming back, especially as I will be able to combine three of the things that I enjoy most into my job, genetics, management, and working with animals.  Glad that Will is here and enjoys the fieldwork side of things as I don’t, so glad that portion of the job isn’t one of my main concerns.


Well better wrap this up as it is getting beyond brief!!! Look forward to sharing this journey with all of you and I will get some pictures up as soon as I figure out how!!!


p.s.  I also have a twitter account, @tmelschol, I am not a prolific tweeter at this point but am hoping to get a tweet a day up from the farm, as I don’t think we can overvalue the need of connecting with the world that isn’t directly involved with agriculture.



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1 Response to A brief introduction

  1. Anita B says:

    Nice to hear from you!! Glad you can be there! Hello to you all!!

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