Oh wow do things change…

So the first week is in the books so figured I would quickly share some thoughts and impressions from that. It has been 12 years since I was last involved with the day to day operation of the farm so it was very interesting to get back in the swing of things…..pretty sure that there are only 3 things that are the same as back then, so suffice to say that I have a lot to learn.

If there was one particular thing that demonstrated  the biggest change in the industry it was in the treatment of sick animals.  When I last was working in agriculture we had a couple of vaccines that we gave calves, a few through their calf years and that was it, now there is a very stringent vaccination protocol that we go through, from calving throughout the entire life of the cow.  Also should a cow get sick in the old days a shot of penicillin was the magic bullet, now with much more restrictive meat and milk withholds we utilize many other drugs which don’t have drug residue issues, so I feel like a pharmacist at times!!!  Trust me this book isn’t always exciting reading!!


As prepared by our veterinarian

But this is all for the benefit of our consumers, we can now make natures most perfect beverage, milk, safer so we are happy to adjust our way of doing things.


On a lighter note…we used to rake hay….Now we “merge” hay!!!


Merging hay..3 rows into one


More to follow as I get my head on straight!!!  And I will get a family pic up, I promise

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