Happy 4th of July

A holiday today so it was a slow day here, just the necessary work was done, so everybody could spend the day keeping cool, it was nearly 100 here so we all suffered, cows and people alike.

Something that has been fascinating to me is how fast my daughter has jumped into the farming life, she loves to be around whatever is going on, whether it is around the animals or begging rides from whoever is driving around, so I got a couple of her in action today.

Feeding calves….

“Driving” the horse!!

By the flag, Happy 4th of July.

And finally, the kids and I with our “knee high” corn, sorry they wouldn’t look at the camera, or stand next to me!!!

Hope that you all had a safe and happy holiday.  Stay Cool wherever you are.


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1 Response to Happy 4th of July

  1. Anita B says:

    Just love these pix! Nice to see you’ve hit the ground running!! 🙂

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