3rd Crop Hay and Drought.

We chopped third crop hay this week.  I had a little helper for a little while while I was cutting:

In her words: “Zoie FARMER!”  Also we were “tutting haay.”  🙂

I shot some videos while cutting hay and packing silage.  I will try to get them edited and posted sometime in the next couple weeks.

We are in a drought.  We are quite try and it is a critical time for corn, particularly.  The drought has all ready hurt yields for the year, but if we don’t get rain very very soon before the corn in past pollinating time, we will see some very substantial yield losses.  We did get 4/10’s of an inch last night, but we could use much more!  Here is a picture I took about a week ago of some of the stressed corn.  This isn’t the worst looking that we have, and it has gotten worse since then:


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1 Response to 3rd Crop Hay and Drought.

  1. Shaun says:

    love the expression on Zoie’s face

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