Zoie Fix It!

Zoie has learned that if things are in the shop they need fixing!  One of the choppers is in the shop getting some work done right now, so she asked if “Tractor broken?”  I gave her a wrench and she said “Zoie fix it” and got to right to work!

She worked on the wheels for awhile, then she needed a different wrench and worked on a couple other things for awhile before determining she had it all fixed.  Hopefully her Mom wasn’t to mad about her coming back with grease on her hands!  🙂

We baled a bunch of straw today.  We don’t have a baler as we do very little baling, so we hired it done.

The cart behind the baler accumulates three bales before dropping them, allowing bales to be clumped in the field for faster pick up, rather then having to run all over the field picking up individual bales.

Loading them up.  Wheat makes beautiful straw that makes great bedding for calves.  Sorry Mom, I didn’t get any pictures of the wheat being combined!


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3 Responses to Zoie Fix It!

  1. Sarah says:

    Ha, your post reminded me that I needed to stain treat her shirt! She proudly told me later that she was wearing her work shirt!

  2. Good job, Zoie!….I’m sorry you missed the combining of corn pictures, too….I didn’t realize it was going on until it was all over!

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