Drought 2012

Well, it has been an interesting year for crops so far.  Not all that long ago we were hauling sand for the new barn, and were swimming in mud.  Well it pretty much hasn’t rained since.  Had you told me it was going to be this dry a month ago, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Some of the corn LOOKS good:

But if you look at the ears on the corn, they are small and pollinated very poorly (or not at all):

Parts of the fields are even worse:

Areas like this have nothing.

Here is a soybean field showing growing patches of drought stress:

Many people are saying it is the worst they have seen since 1988.  Looks like we will be busy making more corn silage this fall, as a lot of it isn’t going to be worth combining!

Makes for some interesting commodity markets.  We would like to sell some grain, but don’t know if we will have any to sell!


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1 Response to Drought 2012

  1. Anonymous says:

    Amazing that you are dry, we are not hurting at all here. We got 3.25″ a wk ago and another .5″ couple days ago. The grass started to suffer, but now all is greened up again. Must be livin’ right! 🙂

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