Peer Group

This weekend, Theo and I will be headed to our first Peer Group meeting.  It is something I have wanted to do since hearing about it a year ago.  Our peer group is put together by Farm Journal, a well known farm magazine publisher.  The point of the group is to get like minded farmers together from different parts of the country and compare our businesses.  The idea is that by putting multiple heads together we can all help each other improve our operation on all fronts.

Our group has 8 members including us.  We will meet at a different member farm every 6 months.  Once there, we review each others operations, with special emphasis on the host farm, and hopefully we all learn from each other and improve our businesses!

I am a little bit nervous.  As far as I know Theo and I will be the smallest, youngest, most inexperience farmers there!  Oh, well we want to learn and improve so might as well mingle with more experienced farmers!

Going to a busy couple of weeks starting with our peer group meeting, so posting might be a bit light from me the rest of the month.  Maybe Theo can post again sometime…. 🙂


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