This and That

It has been awhile since I posted, sorry about that.  As I mentioned before, it has been a busy summer.  In no particular order from the last couple weeks:


Brake job on a tractor.



Work continues on the new barn.


Vaccinated calves.  At this stage the vet also removes extra teats.


Bred 30 heifers to sexed semen.

Chopped 4th crop hay.

We are still working on the new barn, hope to be moving in in a couple of weeks, but still have plenty of work to do!  We are also working on rebuilding our post-weaning calf area, which has been a major undertaking as well.  I thought I had some pictures of that, but I guess I don’t.

So, we have been busy to say the least.  We will probably see what the corn looks like for chopping next week.  Due to the drought we will probably chop much more then normal, as it won’t be worth harvesting for grain.  With trying to finish our other various projects, I am almost looking forward to winter when things will settle down a bit!



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  1. Sarah says:

    I like the last picture!

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