Chopping Corn Silage

Been a busy couple of weeks chopping corn.  Because of the drought we ended up chopping about 150 acres of corn that would have normally been grain corn, we will have chopped about 310 acres by the time we are done.  So we have been busy! Still have a few acres to go, probably 60 or so we will finish this week.


Since we chopped quite a bit more corn then we had planned on, we hired a custom harvester to open up some of the fields that hadn’t been planted for chopping.  (Since we chop with a pull type, we plant the fields that we plan on chopping with breaks in them to avoid having to run any corn down.)  Sure was nice having a self propelled, filled the trucks in a hurry!



This is how we chopped most of our corn.  It is a little slow going, but we manage.


New toy!  We mounted a camera on the spout of the chopper, and wireless monitors in each of the trucks (plus in the tractor) this allows the truck driver to see what is happening, and move around to fill the truck completely full.  Also keeps the chopper driver from having to turn all the way around to see the truck.  This is the view the truck driver gets of himself as he is getting filled.


Load being dumped in the bunker.


King of the hill!


Little Miss Zoie came and helped me in the packing tractor a couple days.  She brought her lunch along to “work.” She is pretty good at “tacking silage” although she would get a little nervous climbing up the big pile and would say “Uncle Will, hold on to Zoie!”  After a little while she should would declare she was “all done working” and go on to other adventures.  Reminds me of when I was a little kid riding along with Dad or Dave in the tractor.  🙂


Close up of the corn silage.  On a good year there would be more kernels of corn in it then this has!  You probably can’t see it in this picture, but we have a roller mill in the chopper, our goal is to break every kernel of corn.  This helps the fermentation process in the silo, plus the cow’s rumen to break down the corn kernel into usable energy.

Just for fun I set up a GoPro Camera hooked to a tractor battery and had it take a picture every 30 seconds while we were filling the bunker.  I am going to stitch them together into a time lapse video, so hopefully sometime soon I will get the video put together.


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2 Responses to Chopping Corn Silage

  1. Anita B says:

    Such a sweet pic of Z! And I could just smell the silage- brings back great fall memories!!

  2. nice posts…hadn’t looked as soon as I should have…love the one of z, too!

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