Time Lapse Video of Filling a Bunker

Finally completed the video that I mentioned in my last post.  Enjoy:

For those that are interested, I made the video using a GoPro Hero2 camera set up to take one still picture every 30 seconds.  To extend the battery life of the camera, I drilled a hole in the case so that I could plug the camera into a cigarette lighter adapter hooked to a car battery.


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6 Responses to Time Lapse Video of Filling a Bunker

  1. Wow! We really got that done in a hurry!

  2. Helen says:

    Hannah narrated what you were doing while we watched it :p

  3. Todd says:

    LOL, you know they make a case for the camera that has holes in it already.

    • Will says:

      Yes they do, and that is what i used. The problem is that the brilliant engineers at GoPro weren’t smart enough to put the holes over the top of either of the plugs that you can use to plug the camera in…..so i used the back with holes (to not wreck my water proof one) and drilled a new hole in it.

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