Following Calf #1

For sometime I have wanted to follow the life of a calf born on the farm, starting at birth through her having her own calf and joining the milking herd.  Why not start with calf number 1?  I will make a new category for calf number 1 on the side of the blog, so that you can easily see all of the articles about her.

She was born on the 2nd of January 2013.  Her mother (Dam) is #2264 in M&M Dairy’s herd.  Her father (Sire) is Sobieski.

Today she is 2 days old2 day old calf with a coat

I like to run around the hutch while waiting for my milk!  It took several tries to get a semi clear picture of me!

calves learning to drink

I’m still trying to master drinking out of a bucket with nipples on the bottom, but I am getting it!

young calfs in a hutch

Now that we have our tummies full, it is time to relax.  We will spend most of our day just lying around, not a bad life!  Right now I am inside the maternity barn where I was born inside a hutch with a heat lamp.  I also have a coat on because it is winter time.  I will stay inside this hutch for a couple of days until I am good at drinking without any help, and then I will move to a hutch outside.

To learn more about my journey so far, check out this past post about newborn calves at the farm: Calvings and Calves Continued

Hope you all enjoy this new feature of the blog!


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2 Responses to Following Calf #1

  1. Mom says:

    we need a name for her besides ‘calf # 1’….at least call her Uno that sounds more like a name to us English speakers!

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