Time To Start Thinking Spring

Sorry I have been a little lax in posting! We have kept busy the last couple of weeks, just nothing real exciting to post about I guess.

Our first shipment of seed came in today, some corn and alfalfa seed, so that means it is time to think spring! Truth is our spring planing started long ago. Most of our seed was bought and paid for last December. Right now I am working on which varieties will be planted in each field. We also keep a close eye on fertilizer prices and availability through the winter. We purchased all of our nitrogen a couple of weeks ago because of availability and pricing concerns. I need to get busy making variable rate maps for our nitrogen, and new for us this year I need to make maps for corn population, as we will be variable rating our populations on corn as well this year as well. I have also spent a fair amount of time trying to nail down exactly what it costs us to produce each crop that we grow so that I can more confidently sell if we see a profit opportunity in the futures market. I am concerned with crop pricing being significantly cheaper this fall, so I want to lock in some profit while I can!

Other then that, we have kept busy with a couple of shop projects, as well as replacing some old broken stalls in the barn. We also have a new machine coming that I can’t wait to get into the field with! I’ll post pictures when it arrives in another week or two. I’m excited for this cropping season to get underway!

Also I would like to start following another calf like I was doing with First Lady, I just haven’t got around to picking out a newborn to follow.

If anyone is looking for other farming blogs to follow, click here for a list of blogs by other farmers!


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