Spring Planting

To say the least, spring planting has been a struggle for us.  This pretty well sums it up:

Corn planter under water spring planting 2013

We have been able to get MOST of our corn in, but not all of it yet.  Virtually no soybeans are planted, and maybe 1/4 of our alfalfa is seeded.  Hard to believe how wet it is after last summer!  This year will most likely be much harder on our crops then last year was.

Anyway, here are a few pictures:

white corn planter with liquid fertilizer

white 2-155 planting corn with white planter

No Till into Rye:

white 8100 12 row planter

We only actually got the corn planter stuck once:

white 2-155 stuck planting corn

And not as bad as our neighbor planting Christmas trees did:

stuck tractor

I didn’t take a lot of pictures…honestly it has been a very depressing spring for us so far.  At least the corn that we have planted is coming up:

corn just emerging

I know we have quite a bit that is going to be drowned out, as well as being planted late, and much of it into cool, wet soil.  Definitely not going to be setting any yield records this year!

Our alfalfa is basically ready for cutting as well.  The problem is the fields are so wet that any attempt to make hay is going to end up tearing the fields up.  Not to mention when it rains everyday, it is pretty hard to get the hay to dry.  We are desperately needing warm, dry weather right now.

We did some cool new technology this spring.  We put hydraulic drive, as well as individual row shut off on our corn planter (Corn Planting Goes Digital) as well as auto steer to the anhydrous/tillage tractor, so that has (mostly) been fun to work with.


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