Chopping First Crop Hay

Well we finally got first crop hay (mostly) done.  We have a couple of fields that we haven’t cut yet because of to many wet holes, we will probably cut them tomorrow.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we got a new (to us) chopper this year, so this was our first opportunity to use it.  It is a pretty impressive machine, gobbling up massive amounts of hay in no time!  We used to only have to run two trucks, now we had 4 trucks going, and sometimes they couldn’t keep up!  Anyway, here is a couple of videos of it in action:

Of course with a faster chopper, and more trucks, we need more weight on the pile:

white 6215 on silage pile


It is a relief to finally have first crop put up.  We were getting quite low on feed and burning up a lot of our corn silage trying to stretch out haylage.  Because of the late cutting the hay was big, but not the best quality.  But this year we can’t be too picky!  Lots of farmers are running out of feed around us.


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2 Responses to Chopping First Crop Hay

  1. Dan says:

    How do the field tractors’ transmissions do when getting back&forthed on the pile?

    • Will says:

      Good. They are power shift, so no clutching even when reversing. The one with the blade has been our silage packing tractor for about 12 years and never had a problem. Only thing they do is every now and then a solenoid on the side of the tranny with go bad…5 minute fix as it is on the outside. We just keep a solenoid in stock since we have two of those tractors.

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