Poor Looking Corn

Our goal is to get just a little bit better every year.  Last year was a poor year, and this year is already poor, and getting worse all of the time.  Spent some time checking fields today, and it doesn’t look good:

poor corn stand, yellow corn


Yellow with poor stand.

drowned out corn


Large drowned out sections.

wet spot in the field


Almost all fields have at least one or to drowned out sections.

corn showing nutrient deficiency


Corn showing some nutrient deficiencies (poor spacing isn’t helping these two) Not exactly sure what is going on, probably nitrogen plus zinc or magnesium.  Our agronomist has some tissue samples going in to find out what for sure.  Most likely with the amount of rain that we are getting is just flushing the nutrients out of the soil.

ok looking corn for 2013


Had to find at least one ok place to get a picture.

It is a little bit depressing to look around our fields.  We still have a few acres that we have never got planted, and have replanted parts of some fields.

Theo and I head to Chicago tomorrow for a few days to meet with our peer group.  Always nice to meet with progressive successful farmers to help encourage and educate us.  Looking forward to it!


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