Farmers are Never Happy.

Just a few weeks ago, we were begging for the rain to stop, and now it has.  In fact we are getting dry, some places the corn in starting to roll all ready.

corn showing drought stress

Us farmers are never happy, we always either want it to stop raining, or we want it to rain, but not to hard!  But it could be a real disaster if it turns dry, as the parts that yielded decent last year all ready drowned out this year!

We just finished up chopping 2nd crop hay on Saturday, so a shot of rain would most definitely be appreciated!  One of the cutters:McDon Swather cutting hay

Fueling up in the morning:

Fueling up Class 900 chopper

We also broke ground on a new feed pad:

d5 cat breaking ground

Going to just make an asphalt drive over pile with no walls for corn silage.  Always need one more feed pile!

Delbert and I are down in Illinois for a couple of days at Corn College.  Always looking to learn more!


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1 Response to Farmers are Never Happy.

  1. Bram says:

    We love farmers and your blog, here in Holland. Good work! Makes more people realize that farmers got a lot of knowledge!

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