Born to be Wild

Here is a spunky little calf:

cute calf

Since our heifers are bred with a bull, we never know for sure when they are going to calve, so we try to guess when they are close to calving, and then bring them to the prefresh barn where we can keep a close eye on them.  Well, sometimes they trick us.  This little girl’s mom had her over in the dry cow lot.  We aren’t really sure when she was born, she was first spotted Sunday night, but couldn’t be caught!  Next sighting was Tuesday morning.  Finally tracked her down Tuesday around noon and was able to catch her.  Because our heifers got mixed in with the dry cows, we had somewhere around 150ish possible mamas!  No one was claiming her when I went and got her, even though she clearly had been nursing.  Finally found Mama today.  🙂

Needless to say a couple of days running around free and this little calf is QUICK and not to sure about people.  Healthy and cute little squirt though!


Calming down in her hutch a little bit.

Theo and my Dad are on vacation this week, so I have been taking care of the calves this week.  Took this picture today while patching the fence in one of the weaned calf pastures, calves are just laying out enjoying the beautiful day:

calves in a pasture


We swathed our wheat and rye today (sorry Mom, no pictures!) and will be combining that soon.


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