Long Over Due!

I know I am long over due for a post!  A long cold winter had me in the posting doldrums.  Just didn’t seem like there was that much interesting going on and no one wants to hear complaining about how cold it was!  Many of these pictures are repeats from out facebook page.  So if you aren’t all ready, “like” us on facebook!

Painting Dad’s 660:

painting an oliver 660 dieselFinally got it finished!  My Dad has always wanted a 660 Diesel:

oliver 660 diesel restored
On the subject of painting tractors, picked up a White 2-135 that we are fixing up to sell.  Throwing a quick coat of paint on that as well:

painting White 2-135
I like this picture of a group of heifers munching away on grain:

heifer calves

Rounding up older heifers from their pasture:
open range heifers

Zoie and Owen playing in the commodity shed:

farm kids playing in feedWe bought the neighbors herd to help us fill our barn addition this spring, here we are loading them out of his barn:

cows in tie stall barnI wish this was a video! The new cows spent a couple of days bellering once we got them home.  Here are the ones we hauled to the dry cow lot, grouped up and bellering:

dry cow lotA new experiment for us, raising a few feeder steers.  Here is our first group waiting to get loaded up to go to a feed lot:feeder steersJust took these pictures today, Theo helping a newborn calf start breathing.  The calf had inhaled some fluid as it was being born, and was unable to breath.  We have a device that helps suck the fluid out, and them forces air back in to help get the calf breathing.  Combined with some rubbing, as well as licking from Mama, the calf is soon breathing on its own:
resuscitating a new born calf

resuscitating new calf

cow with new calf
Well, it looks like we may be getting into the field soon, so hopefully I will soon have pictures of spring field work.


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4 Responses to Long Over Due!

  1. Anita says:

    Those cows don’t know how lucky they were to still all be together!!

  2. Dan says:

    Very neat pictures! The 660 looks TERRIFIC!!! ….let’s see some more of the White’s progress…please?

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