White 2-135 Build

Had a request in the comments for more pictures of the progress on the White 2-135 in the last post.

Tear down:

white 2-135 tear down
painting white 2-135white 2-135 tractor paintEngine going back in:

putting motor back in white 2-135

Putting sheet metal back on:

white 2-135 rebuildFinished product:

restored white 2-135Really sharp tractor, a lot of work done on it it is for sale so if you are interested call me: 608-772-3659.  Field ready.

More shop work, getting the chopper ready for haying season.  Mounting new flighting on auger, so that it feeds hay in better:

working on claas 900 chopperAdded a decal:
scholze family farms chopperAnd a modern day cattle drive, rounding up some escape calves:

modern day cattle drive
Still soggy around here, and haven’t been getting any field work done.  Really hoping it will dry out a bit soon!


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2 Responses to White 2-135 Build

  1. Tanmay Roy says:

    Wow wonderful photos!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice shop very clean bright high walls not claustrophobic, makes for work well done when you are in a comfortable place.

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