Spring Field Work

It was another challenging spring for us, very wet and late.  Not as bad as last year, but not ideal either!  Definitely put some crops in on the wetter side!  But we got them all in, as well as getting a huge first crop of hay harvested with no rain in it.  Big thanks for the crew putting in long hours to get it all done…and thanks to the wives for putting up with it!

white 8000 corn planterFirst field, just starting to plant corn.

storm clouds gatheringRain about to shut us down…a common sight this year!

white corn planter in no tillNo-till into a cover crop (tillage radish mix)

corn planting at sun setNo-till in to bean stubble at sunset.
in field fixIn the field fix.
seeding alfalfa in hillsSeeding alfalfa in the hills.

narrow row white corn planterWe planted most of our silage corn with our bean planter in narrow (19″) rows.  It was slow going with this small planter, but on the plus side, having two planters going, even if one is small, is always faster then just one!

cute farm kid in tractor
cute farm kids in tractorHelpers!  Kiddos love to get rides!

seed tendingSeed, fertilizer, fuel…..keep the planters rolling!

dairyland seed alfalfa plotHarvesting samples in our haylage test plot.

claas 960 chopping hay into truckWe had a small fire in our chopper…thanks to our neighbor for keeping us rolling.  Allowed me to grab a couple pictures of them chopping for us.

claas 960 chopping into truckI’m not used to this view when we are chopping!

windrow of hay


Back in our chopper!  Luckily we got the fire out quickly, and Delbert worked tirelessly to get our machine back up and running that night.  Also special thanks for my wife for going on a three hour parts run on a Thursday night after work to get us parts!

packing bunker after darkFinishing packing the (2nd!) bunker of haylage at about 1:30am on Saturday morning.

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