Chopping Corn

We spent most of last week chopping corn.  We actually would have finished chopping on Thursday, but the rain came about 2 hours early!  We finished today.  Roughly half of all of the forage that we feed for a year is harvested in about 4 days.  Becky took most of these pictures.

Here Delbert is opening up some fields for our neighbors:

claas 900 chopping into meyers chopper boxOpening up fields for the crop insurance adjuster:
opening up corn silage fields
Waiting my turn to be filled:

claas 900 chopping corn into truckShots by Becky:
harvesting maize
chopping cornclaas 492 chopping corn into truck
claas 900 coming out of cornclaas 492 series chopping into truckchopping corn truck switch
claas 900 switching trucksclaas 900 chopping corn freightliner
chopping maizeharvest 14 truck load dairy barnThe pile, we put three tractors on the pile this year.  We had a problem not getting the silage packed tight enough last year, so we hired another tractor.  Then our blade tractor broke down, so we had to hire a 2nd tractor with a blade:
building drive over pile john deere

dumping corn silage on pile

building drive over pile john deere whiteTwo tractors pushed the silage up, and then helped pack between each load.  The third tractor simply drives back and forth to pack the silage.  A bit boring, but necessary!
silage drive over pileView from the packing tractor….look out, silage coming up!

john deere pushing silageChopping into the dark:

packing silage after darkWith rain coming we started covering the pile while they were still chopping.  We finished in the pouring rain.  We start with a oxygen barrier film called SiloStop (the orange plastic) and then a thicker standard silage plastic is pulled over the top of the oxygen barrier.  The plastic is white on the top to help reflect the heat.  Sand is placed around the edge to seal it, and then tires placed on top of the plastic to hold it down:
covering drive over corn silage pileFinishing putting tires on after the rain:

drive over pile with tires

Roughly 520 loads, or 5,200ish tons of corn silage off of 260 acres harvested in 4 days.  Hope it’s enough!


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