Corn and Bean Harvest

Chopping corn silage was just the start of fall harvest.

We continued on to soybeans:

john deere combining soybeans
john deere combining beans

unloading beans into semi
john deere 9500 unloading in semi

Yield Monitor in the combine:

ag leader yield monitorAfter combining the soybeans, we bale the stubble.  We use it to mix into heifer feed as a rumen filler, and we also use it as bedding:
baling bean stubble

We are trying something new, no-till drilling Winter Triticale as a cover crop into soybean stubble.  In the spring it will be chopped for heifer feed:

white 2-155 drilling small grains

We no-tilled winter wheat into alfalfa stubble earlier.  This is what it looked like after it germinated:

winter wheat in hay stubbleBoth of these are a bit of an experiment, after the last two years of heavy erosion we need to find different ways to do some things.  Hopefully these work!

After Soybeans, it is on to grain corn:

combining corn wisconsin john deereMost of our corn we grind as high moisture corn:

white 6215 grinding cornI didn’t get many pictures of combining corn….sorry!

After combining corn, we also bale some of that stubble up for feed and bedding as well, here I am raking it into windrows to be baled:
raking corn stalks
We also are working on our new dry cow/maternity barn:

concrete pump


Of course, all through harvest we still have cattle to deal with, here Theo, our Dad, and myself sort some young stock:

sorting young stock
Young stock in the fog:
young stock in fog
Harvest is pretty much wrapped up.  We have just a couple of acres of replanted corn left to do, we will get that soon.  We are still working on our dry cow barn, as the weather caught the concrete crew out a little bit.  They should finish pouring this week.


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3 Responses to Corn and Bean Harvest

  1. Blue Zipper says:

    I Never Wanted To Move Out To Washington State to begin with, and I Should Of Just Stayed In the Damn mid west States, to begin with, instead of moving out to Washington State, Damn It! by the way: Thank You To All Of The Iowa Farmers, Who Used To Provide Lots Of Good Iowa Sweet Corn, Especially Every Summer, At The Grocery Stores, There In Iowa, Many Years Ago= fond memories, (are They Real memories though?) of eating tons of really Good Iowa Sweet Corn, Every Summer! 🙂 at least I Didn’t Have Some Jack Ass, Always Walking Up Behind Me In The State Of Iowa, Many Years Ago, Saying How They Used To Be My Best friend, Like The Cyber Bully Screw Up, Who Says That They Used To Possibly? Know Me In Washington State, Many Years Ago, Has Been Doing To Me, For More Than three years now, being a total Jack Ass To Me, For What Reasons, Only They Seem To Know, But Won’t Give Me Any Clues, As To Who They Possibly? Are, That Might Of Used To Have Known Me In Washington State, Many Years Ago! also: let’s not forget the regular corn in the State of Iowa either, people! the State of Iowa, had some really Good regular corn too, Especially in the summer time too! 🙂

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  3. Dan says:

    How did the chopping go this spring? Just curious how you go about ‘harvesting’ the winter titrical (triticale?). Do you plant a crop in the same field after taking off the tritrical?

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