About our Farm

I am the third generation to dairy farm at our current location.  My grandpa bought the farm when my dad was a toddler, and we have been here ever since.  Of course much has changed since then!

We currently milk approximation 330 cows, 3 times a day.  Our cows are housed in what is called a free stall barn, and are milked in a double 10 parlor.  We do all of our own breeding and vaccinating.  We also raise all of our own young stock.  By this I mean that all of the heifer calves that are born on our farm stay on our farm.  We raise them from calves up until they are old enough to be milked.

We also grow all of the crops for our animal, plus some extra.  We farm around 1500 acres of corn, alfalfa, soybeans, wheat, and rye.  We do all of our field work in-house meaning we do not hire costume operators or equipment to do any of the work.  In fact we usually end up doing some field work for other farmers on top of our own acres.

Another big part of our farm is doing all of our mechanical work on the farm.  Very few projects ever have to leave the farm.  We have a nice large heated shop and usually end up doing some mechanical work for neighbors as well.

All in all, there is plenty of work to keep everyone more than busy all year long!

1 Response to About our Farm

  1. Will says:

    Dear the person that posted the nasty comment. I didn’t delete it because you choose to personally insult me. I didn’t delete it because you exposed any great secret of the dairy industry that old cows get slaughtered for meat. I deleted it because you choose to post a nasty comment without having the courage to use a real name or email address. I pay the hosting fees here, I’ll let you post what ever you want to as long as you have the courage to post a name, but I am not going to pay the hosting fees for someone to anonymously insult me or other farmers.


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